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Social Media & Divorce: How Social Media Increasing Divorce Rate

Social Media & Divorce: How Social Media Increasing Divorce Rate

Social media is not intrinsically bad. Sadly, a new study published in the scientific journal on Computers in Human Behavior shows frequent social media use amplifies marriage problems. Therefore, now we have an increased divorce rate due to social media.

This article tries to explain the factors of social media in divorce, how social media can lead to an increase in divorce and prevention methods.

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What is the Divorce Rate Due to Social Media?

In order to determine the link between social media and marriage statistics, surveys and studies have been conducted across a number of countries.

The social media effects on relationships statistics show that one in every seven divorces now involves social media. Also, we have learned from the studies that the use of social media is contributing to infidelity, jealousy, conflicts, and eventually divorce or separation. For example, you vent to your high school crush rather than your partner. As a result, it deteriorates your marriage.

Additionally, a number of clients have stated that social media sites like Facebook, Skype, Snapchat, Twitter, WhatsApp, and others played a role in their divorce. You can see that Facebook is at the beginning of the list.

Let’s talk about that because it’s alarming!

Facebook and Divorce: Is There Any Connection?

My wife spends too much time on Facebook— you might have come across this. Also, you might say now—it’s not necessarily just Facebook. I know other platforms are taking parts too.

But Facebook ruins marriages most among other platforms. You see, a few years ago, Facebook was hardly ever discussed in the context of a divorce. But it is becoming increasingly common. This is because Facebook is a widely used social media site.

People, most of the time, get involved in extra-marital relationships on Facebook. Apparently, it’s easier to conceal an adulterous relationship on Facebook.

The researcher of the new study compared the divorce rate and the number of Facebook accounts in a certain state. Then he identified that there is a 4% increased divorce rate.

In contrast, individuals who are irregular on social media were 11% happier in their marriages than those who used it frequently.

How it all generally occurs

Social media accounts are entertaining for sure. And they offer a way to reconnect with old flames. So, many people decide to massage their exes. It may seem harmless at the beginning.

Gradually, the activity on social media increases. This is one of the signs of divorce on Facebook. Anyway, recurring communication slowly leads to emotional cheating. And that’s just as serious as physical cheating.

At a point, the other partner will notice that. Then it will raise suspicion. Consequently, one partner starts snooping. Sometimes people attempt to spy on their partner’s social media account. When they discover something deal-breaking, the remaining trust starts to erode in the end.

It also mentioned in the study that a husband or wife who is already in a troubled marriage tends to rely on the people on social media. They do it to get sympathy or to find support and escape.

Point to be noted

The findings do not prove that social media is entirely to blame for unhappy marriages and rising divorce rates. Yet they do demonstrate a concerning connection between social media use and increased divorce.

8 Ways Social Media Ruins Marriage

Social media platforms have become such an unavoidable part of our lives. So, imagining a life without them seems impossible.

We may make a choice not to post anything or disconnect from social media, but we’ll find ourselves drawn back to it after a while.

Check the points below and learn how social media affects a marriage.

  1. Social media limits personal interaction. This means, that you can be busy chatting with someone miles away while sitting beside your partner.
  2. It reopens the closed chapters. A comment on a post from your former lover can make you consider approaching them again.
  3. You share excessive information share on social media. Let’s say you are mad at your husband and post that on Facebook. This will reflect badly on your partner. And your spouse won’t like it if the situation escalates.
  4. You tend excessively showing personal affection on social media.
  5. When you are always on the phone chatting, it will give birth to insecurities. It will gradually take over. It’s the same for both of you.
  6. Social media addiction will result in ignoring people around you. That includes your partner.
  7. Couples start to compare their bond with others and start showing fake affection.
  8. Finally, too much use of social media can cause infidelity and ruin relationships.

6 Steps One Can Take to Save a Marriage

It’s normal to feel helpless in relationship problems. Here are a few strategies that help you reduce the risk of your marriage being ruined by social media usage.

1. Discuss the drawbacks of excessive social media uses

The first thing you can do is— talk to your partner. The topic that you need to focus on is—the adverse effects of social media on a relationship. This will strengthen the bond and make you two aware of the downsides of social media.

2. Come to an agreement

You two can also try to agree on reasonable usage limits of social media. This will be helpful if you have a social media addiction. What is more, you will have more time to do something productive. Or you can spend time with your partner.

3. Prioritize face-to-face interaction

Once again, it would be best if you could nurture daily in-person communication with your partner. But most of the time, we over-monitor what the rest of the world is up to on social media.

On top of that, we spy on partners instead of talking to them. You should avoid doing it. Because you might deduce sometime, that is not exactly true.

4. Maintain a joint account

I know—it’s not the most popular suggestion here. But it will work if your partner doubts you and you are actually innocent.

In that case, you two can have a joint social media. A combined social media account can save you a lot of heartache and resentment. This can will greatly help you and your spouse.

5. Share the password if necessary

This suggestion is also like the previous one. I mean, it’s not very conventional to share passwords. However, suppose you are going through marital conflict, and you are not guilty.

In that case, you two can exchange passwords for every social media site you use. Besides, you have nothing to hide if there’s nothing to hide. That’s why sharing passwords can help rebuild trust.

6. Avoid lengthy conversation

If you want to save the marriage, you can do this along with the previous two suggestions. Remember that this is all for social media and married couples issues. So, if you have been unfaithful for a while and regret it, you need to avoid lengthy conversations with specific people.

We all know that social media is a great solution for staying in touch and communicating quickly. But it’s the personal conversation I am suggesting you must avoid so that it doesn’t damage your marriage.

If It’s Serious, Talk to a Lawyer

Sad to say, some marriages were never intended to sustain. Hence, overuse of social media may indicate that your partner will be happier following the divorce. It applies the same to you.

So, when dealing with a problem like social media and marriage, the best approach is to contact a spousal support lawyer. They can help you in this regard.


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