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What is the Divorce Rate in Canada in 2023?

Divorce is a ubiquitous term in Canada, and half of all marriages ended up in divorce. According to the statistics, approximately 38 percent of marriages end in divorce in Canada. Basically, commitment is the main reason for staying together for most couples. There are many reasons for divorce.

But every couple should think more and more before making this dangerous decision. Anyways, I’m sure that you have come here to know the divorce rate of Canada and undoubtedly you are in the best place. Here we give you some detailed information about the divorce rate in Canada. Hopefully, you will like it.

What is the  Percentage of the Divorce Rate in Canada?

The average rate of today’s marriage length in Canada is only twelve to fourteen years. It’s a piece of shocking news that almost 50% of the marriages in Canada end in divorce. The divorce rate in Canada is increasing day by day, and the length of the marriage is decreasing day by day for the establishment of the new law in Canada. Let’s have a look on number of divorce people of last 22 years(2000 to 2022) in Canada from the following table:

Year Number of Divorce in Canada
2022 2.78 millions
2021 2.74 millions
2020 2.71 millions
2019 2.68 millions
2018 2.64 millions
2017 2.6 millions
2016 2.57 millions
2015 2.54 millions
2014 2.52 millions
2013 2.5 millions
2012 2.47 millions
2011 2.45 millions
2010 2.39 millions
2009 2.34 millions
2008 2.28 millions
2007 2.22 millions
2006 2.17 millions
2005 2.12 millions
2004 2.07 millions
2003 2.02 millions
2002 1.98 millions
2001 1.93 millions
2000 1.88 millions

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The average duration of marriage in Canada is 14 years, and 42 percent of marriages last ten to twenty years. The average age of divorce of the Canadian people is 41.9 years for women and 44.5 years age for men. The average age of a person to get married in Canada is 27.6 years old for men and 30.2. These rates are increasing day by day.

The cost of divorce in Canada is dependent on the complexity of the marriage. If both of the spouses want to get a divorce, it is called uncontested divorce and in that case, one of the spouses can file for divorce in an uncontested basis. According to a survey, it needs 1600 CAD to get an uncontested divorce.

In that case, child support, division of property, child custody, parenting, etc. things must be resolved before. And in case of a contested divorce, it takes 8000 CAD to 1200 CAD. But it can be increased if the case proceeds to the trial.

According to the divorce act in Canada, you have to stay separated from the one you for getting a divorce. But there have some exceptions in those cases you don’t have to stay one year separated before getting a divorce. These exceptions are as follows:


Adultery affects divorce in Canada significantly.  Adultery is when one spouse has an affair with the third person. Only the suspension of adultery will not be accepted. You have to prove it, and sometimes it is a complicated task.

In that case, you can get help from your family lawyer. If you don’t have any family lawyer, you can hire a family law lawyer for your case. If you find an affair with a third person of your spouse, you don’t have to stay separated for one year. You will be able to file at that time when you want.


Here, cruelty refers to one spouse tortures physically and mentally another spouse. In that case, the tortured spouse will not be agreed to stay together. If you are the victim, at that time, you will not have to stay one year together to get a divorce. You can easily file divorce any time you want, but you have to prove the cruelty.


Another exception is separation that means staying separate from your partner. This separation doesn’t require living in another house. It means living separately, and a part that can be under the same roof.

For instance, you were sleeping separately, not having a meal together, not going to any social event together, etc. If you already stay separated from your partner, you don’t have to stay separated again for one year.

Mainly these are the exceptions in those cases. You don’t have to stay separated from your partner for getting a divorce.

What are the Reasons for Divorces in Canada?

There are many reasons for divorces in Canada. Here we are giving you those reasons so that you can understand why the divorce rate is Canada is almost 50% and why the length of Canadian marriage is decreasing day by day. These are as follows:

Less education

Less education of each spouse is a significant reason for marriage in Canada. Generally, an uneducated person doesn’t know the value of a relationship. That is why he or she takes this serious decision very easy.

Less income

Less income is another important reason for divorce in Canada. If you are not able to income enough money, obviously your partner will have some problems with staying with you. And ultimately, you will want a divorce from you.

Early age marriage

If you get married at an early age, you may face many problems in your life. Because you don’t have enough maturity to maintain a family, so, it is a reason for divorce.

No religious affiliation

If you have a religious affiliation, you will think twice about getting a divorce. Because if you are religious, obviously you have some obligations which prevent you from doing many things like divorce.

Sex life

If your sex life is not good, there has a huge chance of getting a divorce. Because physical satisfaction is very important for every relationship, so, it is also a considering issue there.

Premarital cohabitation

Couples who stay together before marriage have a huge chance of getting a divorce if they marry. But it is applicable for those who lived together with multiple partners.

Premarital childbearing and pregnancy

Childbearing and pregnancy before marriage is a significant reason for getting a divorce in the future.

Modern law

Modern law is a significant reason for getting married. Actually, nowadays, divorce is a prevalent and complexity free task. So, any couple can easily get a divorce if they want.

Mainly these are the reasons for which almost half of the married couples are getting a divorce in Canada.


The divorce rate in Canada is very high in the world, and the reason is the most comfortable law for getting a divorce. In this modern law, there hasn’t any complexity for getting a divorce. Anybody can get a divorce very easily if he or she wants.

In this article, we have discussed what the Canadian divorce rate is. Hopefully, this article will help you to clear all of your doubts regarding these issues.


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