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What Does Primary Residence Mean in Child Custody

What Does Primary Residence Mean in Child Custody?

The custody of the children is a crucial issue in each divorce. What would be the primary residence of child in child custody is a great concern for the parents. Undoubtedly, they only desire what is ideal for their kids. Thus, it is essential during a divorce to make sure that the court’s decision reflects their interests.

Focusing on what is possible and appropriate, a good child custody arrangement will maximize the time the kids spend with every parent while taking care of their overall health and well-being.

The court must also determine the child’s primary home throughout a divorce, along with custody arrangements. Unfortunately, this is trickier than it looks because the law doesn’t exactly clarify what “principal home” refers to.

In this following discussion, you will learn about the primary residence and how a kid needs to be cared for in it.

What is “Primary Residence” in Child Custody?

The primary residence in child custody is the place where the child spends most of the time of her life after her parents divorce. Generally, the home of the parent who take over the child support responsibility from the other parent is considered as the primary residence of the child in child custody. But, the child might have two primary residence if it is a shared custody case.

Determining the primary residence of a child is very important when changing his custody arrangements.

If the child’s primary home does not change, the court will only consider the best interest while revising the custody order to decide if the new schedule is suitable. However, if it does, the court will need to make additional findings.

What Determines the Parent of Primary Residence in Child Custody?

After considering the overall picture of what is best for the kid, you need to explicitly consider additional factors related to how the child will be raised, both now and in the future. You should start by comparing your current residence to that of the other individual.

You should consider factors like:

  • What options are there for extracurricular activities?
  • How dependable are their friendships?
  • Is the location rural?
  • Will your kid get the chance to interact with others?
  • How much familial support do you receive?
  • Is the neighborhood a high-crime area?

All of these variables must be analyzed with the other parents to determine whether your location is the greatest.

Some other factors are:

Factor 1:

Pay close attention to what happens in the academic and extracurricular sectors. Find out the school’s state ranking by looking at its website. You may also check the student-to-teacher ratio and the proportion of students who continue their education beyond high school or whether there is any criminal activity close to the school.

Factor 2:

Take into account any particular talent the youngster may possess—or that you foresee they may possess—and that should be encouraged. Find out where in your neighborhood specific areas could be encouraged.

Factor 3:

Whenever it concerns a child’s life and growth, these are important areas you’ll have to consider in the present and the not-too-distant future. Depending on the child’s age, you may not be required to be capable of making this case for the duration of the kid’s growth if you’re asking to be the parent with primary custody now.

Factor 4:

College is not a huge deal when the child’s age is two. But when he is 13, it becomes a major concern, and perhaps extracurricular activities become less significant. As a result, you must consider the child’s age while determining how important these difficulties are.

Factor 5:

Last but not least, briefly discuss the custody-related reasons the court will consider when reaching its custody judgment. It’s not a custody choice but a custody identification. Therefore, they are only somewhat insignificant and even very relevant whenever it refers to the PPR. They won’t be the deciding factor, even though they will be significant.

What Qualifies You as a Primary Residence Parent in Child Custody?

Here are some things you should be aware of when you undergo child custody.

  1. You must realize the custody procedure. Showing up just once won’t qualify you as a primary resident parent. You should be present in all custody battles.
  2. You will have to go through a procedure that includes negotiation, some case administration, perhaps an expert appearance, and, eventually, a trial. You need to consider the procedure seriously. It might take a year or two.
  3. The most crucial point you must remember is that the court will make all custody decisions according to the best interest of the child. Many individuals assert, “I’m a better parent,”. It actually implies nothing.
  4. The quality needed for your child is the ‘best,’ even if the school and my neighborhood are both ‘better’ and there are ‘better’ families in the neighborhood. Therefore, improving just as a parent is not effective here. Not the better, ensure the ‘best’ for him.

If you want to prove that you’re the best option for your kid and he should be with you, you must take into account all the difficulties and opportunities. Also, keep in mind that for every argument you make, it has to be reasonable and solid. Because the judges aren’t even aware of the real aspect, you need to prove it in front of them.

To Wrap Up

Don’t let the harsh experience of your divorce affect your child’s future. You may not like your partner being around your child, but you must be respectful towards the court and the decision as they make the decision considering a lot of ideas.

However, if you think you are the one to be in charge of your child and don’t trust your spouse, consult with an expert lawyer. It might be best for both you and your child in the long run.


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