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Winnipeg High Net Worth Divorce Lawyer

Winnipeg High Net Worth Divorce Lawyers

HNW divorces tend to be both complex and contentious. The need to evaluate the true value of complex assets and to disentangle them in a way that doesn’t gut that value means these cases require expert legal attention.

The lawyers at Family Lawyer Winnipeg have managed many high net worth divorces. We understand how to work a sophisticated asset profile and can come up with strong legal solutions to help you create a workable divorce settlement.

Asset division and spousal support are major issues in these divorces, and we’re here to make sure the process runs smoothly. We’re also hard-nosed litigators, which means we’re ready to fight if your ex forces the matter into court.

How do I get the most money after a divorce?

The most important way is to stay calm throughout the entire process.

First, make sure you have a clear financial picture and understanding of all of your assets. Understand that your spouse may try to hide some and that we may need to hire a forensic accountant on your behalf to find them all.

Second, understand other experts, like business valuation professionals, may need to get involved to understand the true value of your marital assets.

From there, you’ll want to ask your lawyer about best and worst cases. While court can be unpredictable, there are some fairly well-established guidelines that they use to navigate divorce cases. If you understand the range of options then you can start thinking about what’s important to you. This exercise will help you recognize a reasonable settlement offer when you see one, and will allow you to make more reasonable offers in turn.

Settlement is the key to getting the most money. You and your ex know your situation inside and out. The court has a very short period of time to make snap judgements. Often, when the courts decide, both parties lose.

Finally, reach out to an accountant so you can understand the tax consequences of any possible settlement. This will help with your financial planning, and will help the money that you eventually get go farther.

What is the normal divorce settlement?

If you’ve been married for a substantial amount of time, then the normal settlement is roughly 50/50 for all marital property. Keep in mind everything you and your spouse enjoyed together may not be marital property. If your spouse came into the marriage with a business, for example, you might not have rights to that business.

If you have not been married very long, a 50/50 settlement is unlikely.

There are also other factors courts consider when they’re determining what’s “fair.” Yet it’s important to understand that no spouse is going to be allowed to “take everything.”

Why Family Lawyer Winnipeg?

We’re used to the intricacies of HNW divorces. We’re tough negotiators and even tougher litigators. With our help, you can protect yourself financially during the divorce process.

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