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Our Winnipeg, Manitoba lawyers handle all kinds of family law. Most of our cases are divorce cases, or touch on some of the most major, common issues of a divorce. Our goal is to treat you with empathy, to be as responsive as possible, and to help you protect yourself as you work your way through this difficult time.

Come to us for help with any of the following issues. Our team of expert lawyers has extensive experience dealing with all of them.


Our team of top-notch divorce lawyers can help you get a fair settlement. We’re also fierce litigators who can help you prevail in court. If you know a divorce is imminent, call us to get the help you need. Read more.

Child Support

Need to negotiate a support arrangement that isn’t covered by child support tables? Need to modify support? Our team of lawyers knows exactly how to handle all child-support related issues.
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Spousal Support

We offer help to potential payors and payees alike. Spousal support can be a thorny issue for many divorcing couples. We help untangle it, and help you create a financially feasible arrangement. Read more.


You don’t have to be rich to want a prenup. In fact, for many people, signing a prenup will be the best financial and legal decision ever made. For the prenup to be valid, both sides will need their own lawyer. Let us be yours. We’ll look out for your best interests.
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High Net Worth Divorces

HNW divorces can be long and contentious. Dividing sophisticated assets is a challenge that requires keen legal acumen and creative solutions. Our team will help you protect yourself financially during this difficult time. Read more.

Child Custody

Facing a custody battle? You don’t have to face it alone. Your relationship with your children is on the line, so work with skilled lawyers who will fight hard for you.
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Access & Visitation

Negotiating a co-parenting agreement is hard. It gets even harder when the other parent won’t comply with access orders. Get the help you need to maintain a relationship with your child.
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Common Law Separation

Common law relationships are treated more or less like marriages under Manitoba law, but there are some key differences. Reach out to us if you’re ready to dissolve your common law partnership. We’re here to help. Read more.

Farm Divorces

When divorce threatens your family farm, Family Lawyer Winnipeg is here to help. We help untangle the complexities of dividing farm assets and help you meet your goals for your farm’s future.
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Other Family Issues

We help with adoptions, elder care guardianship arrangements, and other family law issues every day. If it has to do with the family, we’re probably the right firm for you.

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