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Child Support Charges Canada

The word ‘Child Support’ or ‘Child Maintenance’ is temporary financial support that is given by a husband or wife or even by both parties to their children after marriage is being broken up.

When married couples are having children end up their relationship, they look after their children by supporting through this payment method. Children who are under 18, get this sort of financial support.

The obligor of this support could be custodial or non-custodial parents, but in the case of non-custodial parents, they should have a court order to provide this support.

The main purpose of child support

The breakdown of a marriage can affect the children in various ways. Child support is needed to be taken care to prevent this sort of thing.

First of all, the basic needs of a child are food, clothes, medical care, education, shelter, and other things. These are things that must be taken care of by an obligor. The primary purpose of supporting the children is to protect them from the money problem and divorce system.

How can child support be changed?

There are some ways in which child support can be changed. For example, if the obligor parent, unfortunately, loses their jobs, the condition of the support can be changed. It requires a court order.

Secondly, if the children start living with someone else, the original parent can stop supporting them under the proper agreement. There is an option of a separation agreement. If any parent has a deal like their support ends with the children’s college degree or marriage, then changes may apply.

Amount of Child Support Service

An obligor has to agree with the amount of child support service to provide child support services. It is a consequence, and both parties have to admit.

The court will count the living, educational, medical, and other amounts, and then both the husband and wife will agree or negotiate among themselves. Also, the court can check their income amount to clarify if they are eligible to carry the support service.

How to get child support services?

If another family supports a child, they can also get help from the original parents under the agreement. Besides, the custodial parents (such as parents who adopt or take custody of a child) can carry on the full payments all alone.

A child over 18 years may not get this support service only if it is agreed to stop in the agreement else the child can have those support services as long as necessary.

Overview of child support service

A child support service is one of the essential things to consider. Today’s marriages are full of divorces, and so the child support service is the main needs of the suffering children. The amount of child support service is calculated in court every month.

Child support services have a large amount of spending on suffering children to calculate worldwide. To provide child support service one person needs to know about some guides like:

  • Eligibility to take custody of children.
  • Help of court order and guidelines may be taken.
  • Child support agreements. The federal office of child support services can help this case.
  • Child support basics.
  • When to end the supporting etc.


To conclude the chapter discussed above, it is quite clear that child support is a vital thing to do. Broken marriages can severely affect the growing children, and this support service can help many children carry on their futures with some backups.

Canada and other western countries have changed this support service, which both helps the obligor and the obligee. There are some guidelines and references for this support service. People who can afford this financial support should raise their supporting hands, which will be very grateful for the suffering children.

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