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Know the Divorce Procedures in Winnipeg

Are you going to apply for a divorce in Winnipeg and want to know the divorce procedures? Then you are in the right place. Just proceed further; you can know the Divorce Procedures in Winnipeg in an effective manner.

Divorce procedures:

  • At first, you and your partner should not be in the same place after decided to apply for divorce.
  • Through a family law information center or court office or a Winnipeg family lawyer, you have to get the official application for divorce.
  • The documents and forms will vary from one region to the other region.
  • Then you have to inform whether it is a fault divorce or no-fault
  • In general, a fault divorce must need proof to support your claims, and then it is recommended to retain the legal representation. Mainly, if any cruelty or inhumanity happens to an individual means then it will be a fault divorce.
  • Support is a no-fault divorce means, the court will give the couples around one year time to be separated. After one year still, they are separated then sure they will get a divorce.
  • Then you have to inform whether it is a contested divorce or uncontested divorce.
  • If it is a contested divorce means, the couples must need to file a different divorce application since; the partner will never agree with the terms and conditions of the divorce.
  • If it is an uncontested divorce means, the couples need to file only one divorce application since the partner will agree on the terms and conditions of the divorce.
  • In case, the couples having children means then a parenting agreement should be outlined.
  • Along with that, an outline for child support and child custody also has to be outlined in an effective manner.
  • If it is a contested divorce means, each one has to submit a parenting agreement and both should co-operate to that.
  • If it is an uncontested divorce means, the court will provide the parenting agreement and they have to agree with it in an extraordinary manner.
  • You can able to fill the application via the family lawyer Winnipeg you have appointed. Also, you can fill it in the court that is located near your region
  • From the divorce registry in Winnipeg, you have to wait for some time for divorce application clearance. After the divorce papers have been served, you will have around 30 days’ time for the other party to respond to your divorce application.
  • In case, your spouse did not provide any response for your application means then you can proceed further by submitting the affidavit for a divorce order, clerk’s certificate, and divorce.
  • Then the judge will review your application clearly. If they get satisfied with your form then you grant the divorce order immediately.
  • Within 30 days you will get a divorce certificate after it is granted. Then finally you are legally divorced.


From the above-mentioned scenario, you can know the proper divorce procedures in Winnipeg.

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