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Does Child Support Cover Extracurricular Activities?

When a child lives with their parents, extracurricular activity is not a big deal. It is rarely tagged as an issue because the parents share the expenses, pay for their child, etc. Usually, they both bare all the child support. Everything is okay.

But the problem arises when the parents go for a separation or divorce. A young person’s extracurricular activities can be a big issue in this regard. That is why a child support lawyer always recommends talking about a child’s present and future extracurricular activities.

So, in this writing, you will find a brief discussion on Child Support Coverage and does child support cover extracurricular activities after divorce. So keep reading!!!

What is Child Support Coverage?

In most counties, people may often think that child support only covers the basic needs of children. But this concept is not valid. Child support includes all a broad range of expenses, including food, housing, clothing, and so on.

And also, child support can include the following:

  • Typical Expenses which is the basic needs and necessities includes Food, Clothing, Shelter;
  • All the medical support and care;
  • Educational expenses and fees;
  • Child care including daycare services, babysitters, nannies, and so on;
  • Transportation/travel including gas fees, car payments, registration;
  • Entertainment including movie theaters and all the camping trips;
  • Extracurricular activities; and
  • Child’s college expenses.

Does Child Support Cover Extracurricular Activity?

It is so important to understand what is an extracurricular activity. Extracurricular activities can include all athletic factors, recreational stuff, entertainment, social, religious, and even academic things. Usually, what we understand by this is the activities outside the typical school activities.

However, if these activities really fall outside of the school activity. Then the children who are more than 16 years old will not fall under these criteria. And if they work somewhere, this may be considered an extracurricular activity for which the expenses have to be shared.

Who will pay for Extracurricular Activities?

The cost for the extracurricular activities of the child is shared among the parents. The contribution will determine proportionally on the income of the parents. Sometimes one party takes all the responsibilities of the expenses because of the other party’s financial condition.

On the other hand, sometimes, the court determines that both parties will share the expenses and costs. Sometimes, one party pays all the fees, and the other one reimburses the other for their share for a certain period.

Unplanned Extracurricular Activities:

There are some situations where unplanned extracurricular activities come up. Which is not pre-planned, and sometimes it is so pricey. In such a case, it will depend upon the children’s parents how they feel about the importance of those activities.

For example, if the child finds some difficulties in the study, it needs a paid tutor. In that case, the court will tell the no custodial parent to contribute to these expenses.

On the other hand, if one party wants to bear all the expenses, the other parents are not bound to pay a portion of the expenses.

Does the non-custodial parent pay more?

As long as paying for extracurricular activity concerns, the important issue is who will pay for it. There are always two parties. One is the custodial parent who takes care of the child, and another is the non-custodial parent. So the question arises that should the non-custodial parent has to pay more?

Suppose the custodial parent takes care of the child and already bearing all the simple necessities of his/her child. But the non-custodial parent does not have to bare anything. In such a situation, the court will tell the non-custodial parent to pay more. But if both parties want, they can also share a portion.

Child Support Documents for Extracurricular Activities:

The support documents determine extracurricular activities cost and the agreement about who will pay the fees. Sometimes the cost is shared, and sometimes one party has to pay for it. However, this whole agreement should be documented.

If someone is the payer, then s/he has to keep all the documents. These documents are proof that he or she paid for all these things. However, if someone is the payee, then s/he has to make sure that they are not liable to a third party for any activity costs.

The agreement for child support is a written agreement between the parents. And this agreement will provide the annual costs for child support. And the court will always ask for necessary documents in the time of assessment.

How To Determine Cost for Extracurricular Activities?

There are so many costs and expenses for supporting and taking care of a child. When the parent is divorced or separated, the cost increases and becomes so tough and challenging for the parents.

So in this situation, the court determines the costs for the child support based on some factors. You will also find a lot of Child Support Agency who provides all the supports in this regard. You will also find a calculation on their websites.

This calculator calculates your entitlement and responsibilities to pay depending on income and so on. The factors by which the costs determine are given below;

  • Music lessons
  • Band
  • Dance lessons
  • Martial arts class
  • Sports teams (e.g., cricket, football, basketball)
  • Scouting activities (e.g., camping)
  • Study tour and many more


If you are separated and divorced, then there are so many questions popping up in your head. And the questions about if you and ex-spouse are responsible for the child supports and extracurricular activities? These questions are pretty common.

The best thing you can do is you can consult a custody lawyer. You will find so many custody lawyers in your area. Just do some little research and find them online. And hopefully, this article helped you to know how the child support covers extracurricular activities.