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Father Rights Child Custody in Canada

Father Rights Child Custody in Canada

“Father rights child custody Canada” is a hyped topic as the rate of separation and divorce is increasing enormously. There is also a myth like a father never gets custody of his child (children). So, the mother remains overconfident, thinking that she will surely get custody.

To clarify this misunderstanding, it is essential to get in touch with an experienced family lawyer as early as possible. Because living in a misconception might let you miss the chance of getting your child. Have some time to know your right in child custody as a father.

Father Rights Child Custody Canada

To be honest, only 7% of children are given in custody of their father. And about 80 percent are under the charge of their mother. This report is authentic and provided by the “Department of Justice.”

However, it is most commonly seen that the children who are less than 12 years old are given to their mother, and the children who are above 12 years old are given to their father. In short, if the child is younger, he/she will be given to the mother to nurture well.

Unmarried Father’s Rights Canada

Unmarried fathers are the ones who have a child after being in a common-law relationship. So, this is in no way different than the married fathers. According to the same procedure, you can apply for child custody.

However, in this situation, you also have a higher chance of getting custody. Once you get separated from your spouse, you still have your home as your spouse does not have any right over it until it is joint property. Therefore, you just need to show your annual income, residence, and some other essential documents.

5 Tips on Winning Father’s Rights in Winnipeg

As the men yell more than the women and remain hot-tempered, the judge gives the responsibility of being the custodial parent to the mother. But as a father, you will indeed want to keep your child with you for most of the time. So, below are 5 of the tips to win the custody of your child.

  1. Act smartly and do not blame your partner no matter what. Because doing this will indicate that you are a very rude parent, and your child might get the chance to learn all this behavior.
  2. Do not waste your energy and time getting into a conflict. Instead, try to solve the conflict.
  3. Concentrate on your child than on your partner or spouse. This is because if your spouse makes a false claim on you, you will miss the chance to get your child.
  4. Again, do not mess with the mother of your child. As even at a point, you will need to communicate with her regarding making any decision for your child. It is also possible that you will get the chance to be in a co-parenting relationship.
  5. Communicate with the particular centers that take classes to teach parenting and childcare. And do not only know about it just to get custody of your child. Instead, know it so that you can raise your child correctly and to become a good father. Help your child helping with the assignments, homework, and other projects.

Important Legal Terms about Father’s Rights

There are some essential legal terms related to the father’s right. Therefore, as a father, you need to know about those. Below are some of those to help you out.


As a child’s guardian, you have specific duties, rights and time toward your child to show care. Moreover, it is not necessary that a guardian need to be a biological parent. So, even a grandparent or family friend could be a guardian.

But there is a limitation in having the guardian authority and the agreement can also be done verbally. If you want to have a proper document, you can contact a lawyer to have a written form with the signature. Furthermore, while signing, make sure both parties take legal advice.

Father’s Rights and Custody

Both the father and mother can be the custodial parents, known as the “Joint Custody.” And for this, of course, the parents need to talk with their lawyers and make papers accordingly. Moreover, if there is no chance of domestic violence afterward, this is a perfect choice as the child (children) gets the love of both.

Father’s Rights and Access

The word “access” is related to the Divorce Act. And in some provinces, it is also related to separation. Generally, the time parents get to spend with their children without custody is known as access.

Moreover, according to most court agreements or instructions, the access parent has liberal, generous, or fair access over their children. In a nutshell, the decision of access is only made under the “Divorce Act.” Other than that, the rest of the orders will be denoted as the “Parenting Order.”

How can a Family Lawyer Help in This Context

Family lawyers deal with issues related to child custody, child support, spousal support, and all other matters related to a family. So, as you have already decided to get separated from your spouse, you will think about the child first rather than the property division. And in this situation, you need to communicate with an experienced lawyer at the earliest possible time to make all the procedures done.

Additionally, a lawyer will gather all the necessary information like your high gross income, a good standard of living, and others to prove that you would be the best parent to give your child the best future. Family Lawyer Winnipeg has more than 15 years of experience in this field.

Therefore, you can knock us anytime, whether through mail or over the phone; we are ready to answer and provide you adequate help.

The Final Verdict

Both the father and mother want to keep their child with them after the separation or divorce. But the thing is, all the time co-parenting is not possible. Either the mother or the father is given the responsibility to be a custodial parent after judging some crucial documents.

So, as a father, if you think that your spouse is not responsible enough to handle your child, you have the right to ask for your child’s custody. Contact your family lawyer to know what essential papers you will need to win the custody. However, you have already got the idea about father rights child custody Canada. Hope so, after going through it, and you had got much help.