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Suing children's aid society

Suing Children’s Aid Society

Children’s Aid Society works to ensure all child gets their rights and the life they truly deserve. But that doesn’t mean they can misuse their power and bother any family.

So, if they harass them without any solid evidence, then that family reserves all right of suing the children’s aid society. A skilled lawyer can only help you to give a tough fight at this disastrous time.

Suing The Children’s Aid Society

A CAS worker will come to your house only if someone complaints against your family member regarding the safety and negligence of the child. This interrogation is known as a formal investigation in terms of the law.

As part of the inquiry, a Children Aid’s Society worker will come to your house to meet your child. They will personally talk with the child alone and ask if they are in any danger or not.

They will also talk with the parents, siblings, and caretakers (if any). Moreover, if they feel the need, they will even speak with the grandparents, tenants, teachers, doctor, and counsellor to know if they also sense anything wrong.

Previously, there was no sue system against the CAS. But due to the evolving number of cases against the Children’s Aid Society corruption, the government has made the laws strict against them.

So no family has to face any discrimination and troubles due to them. Let’s look into some more details with the types of child neglect that may help you in dealing with and coping with such situations:

How Long Can CAS Keep a File Open?

Generally, a CAS (Children Aid’s Society) can keep a file open for 30 days after doing an initial check on the child. If they get any proof that the child is a victim of child neglect in any way, then they take action right away based on the law.

However, if they only suspect but don’t have solid evidence to prove anything against the parent/caretaker. In that case, they can keep it on hold for a maximum period of 30 days. At first, they conduct screening on the child to understand the case.

After the investigation, if they think that you are faulty within 30 days, they will file a complaint to the police to take further action against you. As for the child, they will give them protection.

In contrast, if they cannot prove anything within a deadline of 30 days, the file will get automatically close. And as a confirmation, they will send a letter to you. Still, it can be renewed at any time if the situation demands it.

What are the 4 Types of Child Neglect?

Child neglect is basically the deprivation of a child’s fundamental right. Such as physical, developmental, mental needs and support. All these are essential for having a healthy mindset and the development of a child’s body.

Lack of any such things can negatively affect that child’s life. As a result, any person who deliberately acts is a criminal and deserves severe punishment for conducting these malicious activities. So if anyone thinks they can get away by doing these acts intentionally, they are wrong as the law is very strict about a child’s life.

When a child is a minor, the life and teachings you give them will be the things they will remember for their entire life. It is the perfect time for nurturing them, but if they face extreme negligence in that state, nothing can be as painful as this.

Have a look at the 4 types of child neglect recognized by the law so that you can get a clear idea about them:

Physical Neglect

Physical negligence is not giving the child the needed food, dress, house that s/he deserves, and you have the ability, but you wouldn’t give.

Medical Neglect

This negligence means the failure to provide the required medical treatment and medicine for treating the child, which eventually will make the child’s case more severe.

Educational Neglect

Education is the right of every child, but if a person fails to educate a child with even basic institutional knowledge, then it falls under educational negligence.

Emotional Neglect

Emotional strength is one of the vital things that help a child to grow strong mentally. But if they face any torture or trauma emotionally or even get permission to take drugs and alcohol, then the negligence of the parent/ guardian falls under emotional neglect.

What to Do If Children’s Aid Society Investigates You?

Any Children’s Aid Society worker may visit your house any time of the day to check if you are treating your child well or not. After the initial screening, they will conduct some additional inquiry as part of their duty to make sure till the end that everything is fine in that child’s life.

Until they don’t get their peace of mind, they will not rest in peace. So what do in this situation if you find yourself in the same situation?

Well, there are some essential things that you must do if the Children’s Aid Society investigates you. Go through the below points to know the exact things at that time:

Hire a Skilled Lawyer

Any issues revolving around a child are extremely sensitive and complicated and must handle by an expert person. There exist several factors and conditions that you need to think of.

As a result, the smarter decision is to hire a lawyer against children’s aid society at that instant. They will have the exact knowledge of how to deal with the case to give a tight fight.

Moreover, they will know how to talk and deal with the CAS worker. The more quickly you take action, the lesser the chances will be that they will take your child away from you.

If you don’t have any lawyer while the workers came to visit your house unnoticed, then to be on the safer side, don’t sign anything without consulting one.

Be Cooperative with the CAS Worker

Any CAS worker who visits your child to ensure the surroundings are safe, let them meet your child. Otherwise, any denial on your part will make them doubtful, and they start taking action right away.

But if the case is under child molestation, then you need to also talk with the police. At this time, a lawyer beside you is a must to keep the situation under control.

Overall, be cooperative, talk with the worker as politely as possible, and lastly, thank them for showing concern for your child’s safety.

Keep Your House Clean and Organized

One of the greatest signs to the workers that you are taking proper care of your child is having a neat and clean house with everything arranged properly. There are some things that you can take notes and following them will ensure your child safety along with driving away from the workers’ doubts:

  • Have sufficient food at the house for the children
  • The house must be 100% baby and childproof, such as the electric socket are covered, any chemicals or drugs is out of any child’s reach.
  • Must have enough toys and activities for the children to have a play around
  • Family pictures and memos
  • Ask the worker to have a tour around the house before giving a chance even to ask. This simple act will show your willingness and cooperation towards them.

Verify Your Case Status

Generally, after the worker visits the house and confirms everything is alright, the case is closed. However, it doesn’t imply in every case as they have doubt they can hold the case up to 30 days.

So, if the case is continuing, then you reserve all the rights to see your file. Here, you can know what is holding them to keep the case ongoing and why they have started investigating in the first place. That’s why an experienced and skilled lawyer is a must, as they can help you get to the core of the case.

To Wrap Up

The Children’s Aid Society works solely to ensure the safety of a child. But they cannot harass any family without any legitimate reasons and evidence.

So, if any CAS worker does it, then that family has their legal right to suing the Children’s Aid Society. An experienced lawyer is someone who can make the path easier for you by guiding the right direction.