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Visitation Rights in Canada: What You Need to Know as a Parent?

We understand how pathetic it can be to stay away from your children after that painful divorce. It might be your ultimate wish to stay connected with them. But sometimes, it can react oppositely. So, before you want to visit them, you must know your visitation rights.

The courts in Canada strongly believe in the involvement of both the parents for the child’s best interest and his future.

It will be decided according to your bond with the children whether you will receive the visitation right or not. You will be given proper access to meet your children and learn every important matter related to your kid.

Let’s learn more about visitation rights in Canada and the factors determining child visitation in Canada.

What is a Child Custody?

According to the Canadian legal system, both parents have equal rights to their children and can claim custody. If you can make the court accept your claim, you would be safe even though your spouse plays dirt games.

But for that, you would have to know about the Canadian custody battles. This way, you can turn the tables on your side and get custody of your loving child.

Canadian courts only take into account the child’s best interest. They look for the best choices and a better future. Thus, they decide who should get the custody.

To take a decision, they look into many matters as follows:

  • Parent’s capability to offer financial and emotional needs
  • Their relationship with the child
  • Children wish to choose a parent to live with (only if s/he is mature to express the choice)
  • More than one child would live together
  • Special needs
  • Parents available time for the child

Based on these criteria and others, the court decides the receiver of the child’s custody. Finally, the custodian receives the child’s responsibility.

Courts Order on Visitation Rights

Divorce Act between married parents administrates cases like parental authority or child custody. As you are not going to stay together anymore, it is necessary to determine the custody of the kid. Here, you may or may not get the chance to visit the child in the future.

Usually, you are allowed to visit your child frequently as a non-custodial parent. However, underage kids may need more visits than grownup kids to build a good connection. Their meets will be resettled according to their needs in the future.

Besides, a court will consider the child’s best interests while deciding how and when to provide parents access to a child. The court will always weigh the advantages of the kid seeing the parent against any hazards the parent could provide to the child.

In cases of drug and alcohol addiction, the court will provide visitation access with proper supervision. In the worst cases, the parent might not be allowed to meet the children because this raises a question about the kids’ welfare.

Parental Visitation Rights in Alberta

Your children are a part of you. How painful it is to stay away from them!! Your divorce is already a big shock for you to get over already.

Let’s know about the parental visitation rights in Alberta.

Visitation to Your Child

You must not lose your mental strength and stay in depression. You know you can still keep in touch with your kids and be a part of their every important incident. You have to know your visitation rights in case there is sole custody.

According to your child’s age, your visitation would vary. The court will decide according to the kid’s future. You will be allowed to meet your child if it is a question creating bonding between you and your child.

You will also be part of his every important moment. The court will ensure that our child gets proper emotional and mental growth.

Supervised Visitation

Even if you are a drug addict, they will allow you to meet your that pure soul so that their mind does not get disturbed.

However, in this case, your visit will take place under their proper supervision. The court would confirm the child’s safety.

How Can a Child Custody Lawyer Help You?

You can work with a child custody lawyer in case of visitation rights. They may introduce you to any solution to help you manage these tough situations. Child custody lawyers are the best way to deal with these situations faster and cheaper.

Also, they can work as a mediator. Mediating with your partner would save you from a big hassle and a nasty courtroom fight. It would have held your child from this most bitter experience, and you could decide your kids’ future, not another judge.

However, as it is already a matter in the court’s hands, an experienced lawyer will do his best to have your back and provide you with the rights you deserve. Also, they will support you the best to help you in cases if you don’t know how to file for visitation rights


Divorce makes you go through a really bad phase of life. You may stay separated from your loving spouse and beloved child. But there is every option you can accept and maintain a healthy life even after the separation. Visitation rights in Canada are one of them.

As you already know your rights, you can act accordingly, keeping your child’s best interest in mind. Also, an experienced custodian lawyer can help save the case from worsening. It s now up to you to do the best for your benefit.